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Ard Melody TV
 Morocco, Music
Bit Rate 200 Kb
 Ukraine, General
Bit Rate 359 Kb
 Turkey, Local TV
Bit Rate 593 Kb
Ciudad Abierta
 Argentina, General
Bit Rate 273 Kb
TCS Telecolore
 Italy, General
Bit Rate 350 Kb
 China, News
Bit Rate 732 Kb
Al Sharqiya TV
 Iraq, News
Bit Rate 200 Kb
LifeZone Television
 United States, General
Bit Rate 256 Kb
Al Watan
 Kuwait, Religious
Bit Rate 491 Kb
洛阳电视台- Luoyang 3
 China, General
Bit Rate 496 Kb
Good TV
 Taiwan, Religious
Bit Rate 291 Kb
DLTV 1 / ประถมศึกษาปีที่ 1
 Thailand, Educational
Bit Rate 255 Kb