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Canal Parlamento
 Spain, General
Bit Rate 212 Kb
 Russia, Religious
Bit Rate 512 Kb
ITV Patagonia
 Chile, Local TV
Bit Rate 247 Kb
 Spain, Religious
Bit Rate 273 Kb
Bloomberg Brasil
 Brazil, Business
Bit Rate 256 Kb
D plus TV
 Brazil, Entertainment
Bit Rate 163 Kb
Hurria TV
 Egypt, General
Bit Rate 273 Kb
Shant TV
 Armenia, General
Bit Rate 300 Kb
Hậu Giang TV
 Vietnam, General
Bit Rate 539 Kb
Canal 2 Cd Obregon
 Mexico, Entertainment
Bit Rate 250 Kb
 Ethiopia, General
Bit Rate 357 Kb
Antena negra TV
 Argentina, Local TV
Bit Rate 32 Kb