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 Italy, Local TV
Bit Rate 160 Kb
VRF Vogtland
 Germany, General
Bit Rate 350 Kb
 China, News
Bit Rate 254 Kb
channelAustin 10
 United States, Local TV
Bit Rate 539 Kb
Annie Oakley TV
 United States, Kids
Bit Rate 250 Kb
SBS Golf
 China, Sport
Bit Rate 390 Kb
Kamera Pierre Loti
 Turkey, WebCam
Bit Rate 141 Kb
Televida el canal
 Colombia, General
Bit Rate 291 Kb
 Haiti, General
Bit Rate 250 Kb
Tele Aruba
 Aruba, General
Bit Rate 400 Kb
Al Baghdadia
 Egypt, General
Bit Rate 512 Kb
Cewlik Tv1 Kurd
 Kurdistan, Music
Bit Rate 200 Kb