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Canal 9 Telerocha
 Uruguay, Local TV
Bit Rate 300 Kb
TeleCeiba Canal 7
 Honduras, General
Bit Rate 273 Kb
Amsterdam – Koningsplein Webcam
 Netherlands, WebCam
Bit Rate 125 Kb
Natura TV 24
 Greece, Entertainment
Bit Rate 331 Kb
 United States, Local TV
Bit Rate 250 Kb
Sterk TV
 Kurdistan, News
Bit Rate 250 Kb
Aragón TV
 Spain, General
Bit Rate 496 Kb
TN8 - Telenica Canal 8
 Nicaragua, News
Bit Rate 528 Kb
Fun Channel America
 United States, Entertainment
Bit Rate 405 Kb
 China, General
Bit Rate 532 Kb
Life TV
 Taiwan, Religious
Bit Rate 391 Kb
Aghapy TV
 Egypt, Religious
Bit Rate 273 Kb