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Omroep Fryslan
 Netherlands, News
Bit Rate 241 Kb
TVL Pando
 Uruguay, Local TV
Bit Rate 331 Kb
Telekeszi TV
 Hungary, Local TV
Bit Rate 128 Kb
TV2 Øst
 Denmark, General
Bit Rate 303 Kb
Webcam 16
 Israel, WebCam
Bit Rate 95 Kb
Salto A2
 Netherlands, Local TV
Bit Rate 512 Kb
Cerritos TV3
 United States, Government
Bit Rate 200 Kb
Guney TV
 Turkey, General
Bit Rate 141 Kb
TBN Enlace
 United States, Religious
Bit Rate 163 Kb
Honolulu Traffic Camera
 United States, WebCam
Bit Rate 140 Kb
RTV Insular
 Spain, General
Bit Rate 248 Kb
 United States, Local TV
Bit Rate 322 Kb