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DLTV 8 / มัธยมศึกษาปีที่ 2
 Thailand, Educational
Bit Rate 255 Kb
BBC Arabic
 Saudi Arabia, News
Bit Rate 223 Kb
J-Sports 2
 China, Sport
Bit Rate 382 Kb
Beyaz TV
 Turkey, Local TV
Bit Rate 200 Kb
La Locale TV
 France, General
Bit Rate 500 Kb
Center TV Aachen
 Germany, General
Bit Rate 350 Kb
Red Guaraní
 Paraguay, General
Bit Rate 560 Kb
 United States, Local TV
Bit Rate 716 Kb
 China, General
Bit Rate 140 Kb
 New Zealand, News
Bit Rate 300 Kb
Татарстан - Новый Век
 Russia, General
Bit Rate 512 Kb
Bamboch Tv
 Haiti, Local TV
Bit Rate 250 Kb