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channelAustin 11
 United States, General
Bit Rate 539 Kb
 Russia, Educational
Bit Rate 1024 Kb
Beverly Hillbillies Channel
 United States, Kids
Bit Rate 611 Kb
Telewizja CTV
 Poland, General
Bit Rate 477 Kb
 Ukraine, General
Bit Rate 512 Kb
Australia's Public Affairs Channel
 Australia, General
Bit Rate 968 Kb
Real Madrid TV
 Spain, Sport
Bit Rate 210 Kb
 Vietnam, General
Bit Rate 273 Kb
MNN 2 Lifestyle Channel
 United States, Lifestyle
Bit Rate 141 Kb
R. King TV
 France, Music
Bit Rate 339 Kb
HT1 Hausruck
 Austria, Local TV
Bit Rate 364 Kb
France 2 Meteo
 France, Weather
Bit Rate 302 Kb