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TV channel: Channel Yu
Channel Yu
Country:  Russia
Category: Entertainment
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Реакция МАРУ ОРУ на реалити #Ждули

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Channel Yu - description, review, rating

Yu TV channel is one of the most popular TV channels among teenagers and young people. The Russian TV channel began its existence in 2012, based on the then-promoted Muz-TV channel. It is a part of a large media holding UTV Holding, which also includes Muz-TV and Disney channels.
Now anyone who has internet access can watch the channel Yu for free. Yu channel can be watched online without registration.

TV Channel Yu online now

Originally, the Yu TV channel broadcast on the Muz-TV channel, that is, it was an integral part of it. The main attention and airtime on the channel was devoted to music and entertainment programs for young people. But in 2012 it was decided to split the channel into two parts, one of which would specialize only in music, and the second - in programs and shows. So the TV channel "Yu" began its formation as the first entertainment channel, whose target audience were young girls and women. And it was a success!
Today the channel "Yu" you can watch online, live and completely free. This allows the viewer not to be tied to cable TV, to watch the best Russian channels from Russia and any other part of the world.
The channel began broadcasting more soap operas (mostly Latin American and Soviet), which allowed it to gradually increase its viewership.
Since mid-2015, there has been an increase in the number of reality shows with serious issues that resonated in the hearts of not only teenage girls, but also women under the age of 45.
Channel "Yu" is a channel with a female character, where there is room not only for laughter, fun, fashion and beauty, but also sincere experiences, psychology and self-development. Not without reason, the logo is reminiscent of the symbol of Venus, which since ancient times has denoted the feminine.

Yu TV channel airs for free

You may be interested in shows on Yu, which are now available to watch for free and in excellent quality:
- Pregnant at 16;
- Dom 2;
- Supermom;
- I'm self-conscious about my body;
- My mother-in-law is a monster.

TV Channel Yu watch online in good quality

You can find Yu Channel live streaming online at any time of the day or night to enjoy the most popular TV series of today, such as:
- Clone;
- Wild Angel;
- Black Love;
- Criminal Minds;
- Tropicana
Watch the Yu TV channel live now, quickly and effortlessly. Turn on your favorite tv channel and enjoy!

Channel Yu online - Television live

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