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Dozhd (Rain), also known as TV Rain, is a Russian independent television channel with focus on news, discussions, culture, politics, business reports, and documentaries. Most Dozhd shows are live broadcasts. The channels motto is "talk about important things with those who are important to us". It is owned by journalist Natalya Sindeyeva.

Dozhd is a recipient of TEFI (2011), Runet Prize (2013) and Free Media Award (2014). The channels journalists received Redkollegia award four times. Dozhd was one of the first channels in Russia to openly cover the 2011 Russian protests against the alleged rigging of the parliamentary elections. President Dmitry Medvedev was also noticed to have unfollowed Dozhd on Twitter. However, the channel was the first mass media outlet that he had chosen to follow on Twitter, according to an RIA Novosti report. On 9 December 2011, Dozhd was asked to provide copies of its coverage of the protests to check if it had abided by Russian media laws. By 10 December, it was showing a white ribbon, a symbol of the protests, by its on-screen logo. The stations owner, Sindeyeva, explained this as being a sign of "sincerity", rather than "propaganda", and an attempt to be "mediators" instead of simply journalists. Dozhd website provides live broadcasting and archived programs.

Since March 2013, the channel is available in Israel as part of basic package of the Yes Israel satellite television provider.

Dozhd online - Television live

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