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Ahl-E-Bait TV
Ahl-E-Bait TV
Country:  Iran
Category: General
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Ahlebait TV is a Shia Muslim TV channel based in the United Kingdom. The mission statement on its website stipulates that the main objectives of Ahlebait TV are to educate the humanity by
Alalam News - قناة العالم الفضائية  Iran / News
منذ انطلاقتها في شباط/فبراير من العام 2003 رفعت قناة العالم الاخبارية شعار السرعة والمصداقية والدقة، واضعة نصب أعينها مجموعة من الاهداف: تغطية

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IRIB 3  Iran / Sport
IRIB TV3 is one of the 32 national television channels in Iran. It is the third television channel created by the Islamic Republic of Iran

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SAT 7 PARS  Iran / General
Through SAT-7 PARS Farsi-speaking Christians both within and outside Iran can share their faith with seekers and encourage their fellow believers.

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IRIB 5  Iran / General
IRIB TV5, is an Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting television channel. The channel is one of the newer television channels in Iran and was

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Miracle Channel  Iran / Religious
تبث قناة معجزة برامجها كل يوم على مدار الساعة على: نايل سات 7 درجات غرباً، تردد 10815 افقي

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Sahar TV2  Iran / General
Sahar TV2 is part of Sahar Universal Network (SUN) which is the foreign broadcasting branch (IRIB). It is broadcasting programs in different

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