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Channel 31
Country:  Kazakhstan
Category: Entertainment
2.4 from 5
138 vote(s)
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Channel 31 - description, review, rating

"Channel 31" is a Kazakhstan entertainment channel for family watching with a large share of high-quality national products of own production, including information. It is a leader in new intertainment formats and the exclusive owner of super-premiere movie content of category "A", a conductor of TOP trends in the series lines "Time for the Best Series" and "Best Home Cinema". Every viewer finds something interesting in the program network.
Channel 31 airs news, entertainment, melodramatic serials and sitcoms in Russian and Kazakh, as well as feature films of the world's major studios: The Walt Disney Company CIS.
In addition, projects in Kazakh language on "Channel 31" are of public interest: "Rizamyn", "Kyzdar-ai", "Talent Show", "Kazaksha Concert", and "Galam-top". These programs were created especially for our viewers and are as close to the nature of Kazakhstan as possible.
"Channel 31" also focuses on quality film screenings. From Monday through Friday and on weekends viewers can see films that have won awards from world-famous directors, prestigious film festivals, as well as the most attractive and interesting films that have become classics of world cinematography. In 2011 Channel 31 and Paramount Pictures signed an agreement to license the films and The Walt Disney Company. It is the first contract between the Kazakhstan TV channel and the large American film company. According to the agreement, Channel 31 will become the first and only domestic TV channel to offer its viewers novelties and popular films of recent years.

Channel 31 online - Television live

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