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TV channel: TRK Lipetskoye Vremya
TRK Lipetskoye Vremya
Country:  Russia
Category: Local TV
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TRK Lipetskoye Vremya - Life in the region through the lens of a TV camera. The latest news of the Lipetsk region. And new projects of the television company Lipetskoye Vremya. Broadcast since 2004, since February. The network consists of 22 television sensors of the region, providing visualization in the populated areas of the Russian Federation.
February 23, 2004 is considered the birthday of the "Lipetskoye Vremya" television and radio company. The first radio broadcast took place on 31 December 2003. The first broadcast in 2004 was a few minutes of information without a studio. Podcasts recorded on the street and a few stories - that was the start. In a few months there would be more airtime, a studio with professional equipment, and most importantly, a team, which in a very short period of time would become a factory of its own programs.
Since April 2009 programs of "Lipetsk Times" are available to Internet users. Its network partners are the television channels Zvezda and Russia 2. Round-the-clock radio "Lipetsk-FM" and multiportal www.lipetsktime.ru are part of the TV and radio company. Network partners of television broadcasting - federal TV channels "Zvezda" and "Russia 2".
The potential audience of "Lipetskoye Vremya" television and radio company is 1.1 million people. The programs of the federal TV channel "Russia 2" are seen by the residents of the city of Lipetsk and its suburbs.

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