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26 region online - Television live

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26 region
26 region
Country:  Russia
Category: Local TV
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26 region. Stavropol regional television. "26 region" is a harmonious combination of regional information and local content created by recognized professionals. Our philosophy: everyone should be heard! "26 region" is a project of an independent regional TV channel, the content of which will interest the audience of different ages and social backgrounds.
The main task of channel 26 of the region is to cover the latest events in Stavropol. They are dedicated to a separate press release. Here moderators tell the most interesting and important news, offer to view the authors ' messages and get acquainted with the interviews of eyewitnesses. Program "Trolleys" which takes into account the controversial political events are also very popular. The information is presented satirically.
Also a strange program - "Who's here", representing the project of the author of the company. Leading interviews with the most famous personalities-politicians, cultural figures, journalists. Problems will help you learn the secrets of public figures. Sometimes educational programs appear on the channel that will help you learn how to cook healthy food or lead a healthy lifestyle. All TV channels online live for free.
26 region 26 region
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