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Country:  Russia
Category: Entertainment
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We are a phenomenally positive TV channel for adult boys and girls. 24 hours a day, we show you the masterpieces of the world's animation culture and not only. The first commercial TV channel in the history of the USSR and Russia, whose broadcast network consists mainly of cartoons for all ages. Since April 1, 2007 - Russian Federal channel aimed at teenagers and youth audience, which contains about 200 different anime, animated series and movies. The channel also has programs and animated series of its own production: "Suspicious owl", " Beware of earthlings!", "Double blow", "video Report", "city guide", "Dedmorozoshnaya", "DIY", reality show "office 2x2", "Pykhchevo", "Atomic forest", "School 13: Igroorgii" and others.
The broadcast network mainly consists of American and British adult animation, since the summer of 2009, the channel, in accordance with the terms of the license renewal, has also launched a non-animated series in a special 2x2 | new night block. For the most part, these are satirical or parody shows with their own special humor, even in an absurd and non-standard sense. Previously, this was not on Russian television.
Since 2014, 2x2 has been part of Gazprom Media Holding. In April 2017, the channel employed 45 people.
The channel claimed to be included in the second multiplex of digital terrestrial television in Russia, but failed to win a competition held by the Federal competition Commission.
The channel holds an annual event "night of animation", which is a continuous night show of festival animation in the cinema "October" (in 2016 in the cinema "cinema Park Riviera") in Moscow and in the cinema "Mirage" in St. Petersburg (only "night of animation" on October 9, 2009). Watch all channels online for free in good quality.
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