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Channel 5 - 5TV  Russia / General
Channel five is a Russian Federal television channel with a broadcast center from Saint Petersburg. The oldest TV channel in the USSR and Russia. It

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81 vote(s)
TNT  Russia / Entertainment
TNT is a Russian federal TV channel founded in 1997, and is considered one of the five most-popular TV channels in Russia. At the beginning of 2012,

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Yu  Russia / Entertainment
Yu - Russian modular radio telecommunication channel. Launched on the TV channel "Mi" on 16 September 2012 at 12.00 on Moscow time.

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18 vote(s)
Che TV  Russia / Entertainment
Che TV channel is a new channel about the lifestyle of a real person, his hobbies and hobbies. First of all, the Che channel is a channel about men

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34 vote(s)
TV-3  Russia / Entertainment
TV-3 ( TV-3 Russia) is a Russian television channel focused on entertainment. It mainly broadcasts TV series in mystery, science fiction and fantasy

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TV Centre  Russia / General
TV Centre (Russian: ТВ Центр, romanized: TV Tsentr; formerly abbreviated as ТВЦ, TVC or ТВЦ-Москва, TVC-Moskva - "TVC Moscow") is a Russian

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Russia-K  Russia / General
Russia-K ("Russia - Culture") is a Russian nationwide not-for-profit television channel that broadcasts shows regarding arts and culture.

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REN TV  Russia / General
REN TV, a Russian free-to-air television network, was founded on 1 January 1997 by Irena Lesnevskaya and her son, Dmitry Lesnevsky, who had been

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196 vote(s)
RBK TV  Russia / News
RBK is a Russian business television channel. It presents economic, financial and political news of the Russian Federation and foreign countries;

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16 vote(s)
Izvestia  Russia / News
Izvestia, "IZ.RU" is an information channel that offers a wide range of news about politics, economics and culture. A new information

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13 vote(s)
1 First channel  Russia / General
Pervyy kanal. Open joint stock company "First channel" is a major Russian TV company. It has the largest selection of recipients in the

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905 vote(s)
Revere  United States / Religious
Tracing the journey of worship from intimacy to intensity to the fear of the Lord. A generation ago, Christianity went through a massive shift. The

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